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eMacula® isn’t available yet. But soon our revolutionary technology will be helping everyone see through the clutter of their digital lives and focus on the things that really matter.

Here are some stories about people who will be using eMacula® to enhance their lives.


Living digital 24/7

Tech is my life. And it’s my work too. As a technology and video games reviewer, I need to be on top of all the digital trends. I’ll be able to use eMacula® as a full on virtual reality gaming headset by using eMacula® occluded VR glasses. And when I’m not gaming, I’ll be able to keep my social media channels right in front of my eyes with transparent AR glasses while engaged in the real world.

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Ultimate, tactical, situational awareness

When you are on a mission, situational awareness is everything. And in the modern battlefield, the vital task of identifying friend from foe can be challenging. Getting it wrong is deadly. Battlefield technology can give me the edge on the enemy, but today’s wearable displays are cumbersome and their field of view is far too small. eMacula® is lightweight, full field AR glasses, developed in conjunction with the US military, will help me make mission critical decisions.

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Focused on the job

Surgery is all about visualization, integration and coordination. The knowledge and skill of a dozen people have to come together at a critical moment. There is also a huge amount of IT in today’s modern surgical suites, which enables us to do so much that wasn't possible just a few years ago. There are cables and screens everywhere. But when you are looking at a screen, you aren’t looking at the patient, or your colleagues. Sometimes a simple nod from a colleague is all the info I need. eMacula® will enable me to access all the digital data I need, right in front of my eyes, while maintaining my focus on the patient - whose life is frequently hanging by a thread and entirely in my hands.

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Social, sports and study

I live a connected life and I’ll never give up my phone and tablet. They are the keys to my social life. But eMacula® will really change//enhance the way I interact. As well as having my social life on a heads up display, it'll be great for helping me get the perfect angle into the wind when I’m at sailing club, or improve my posture when skiing. All the information will be there, right in front of me, whenever I need it, whichever way I am looking.

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Managing my day, unobtrusively

I used to love my old Blackberry. It was a simple tool that did what I wanted it to do. Now that I’m juggling kids with consulting back at my old company, I just don’t have the time to figure out the hundreds of apps on my smartphone, each with their own alert. I need something that puts the information I need in front of me, and doesn’t distract me from getting things done. eMacula® does just that.

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To me, it’s obvious

I’m an early adopter. I love testing new inventions. Technology should be about making our lives easier. The best technology seems, in hindsight, obvious. Just like eMacula®. By putting data in my field of view, visible only to me, in focus with whatever else I am looking at, it gives me the constant advantage of information and turns me into a digital human. Plus, it’ll be really cool to read my emails in the style of the opening credits of Star Wars.

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Pushing to the limit

When I’m training, I have to maintain a constant focus on the road ahead. I’m pushing myself hard and seeking continuous improvement. eMacula® allows me to monitor my heart rate, my speed, my calorie burn and my route. At every step, pedal or stroke, I can see if I’m going faster or slower than the last time. I can chase my personal best. And I can do all this without shifting my gaze from the route ahead.

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Low Vision

My vision loss from retina damage from type 1 diabetes makes my work and lifestyle challenging. I’m not letting that get in my way. I know I need help to see what I could see before. I don’t want to look like a freak and other wearable display glasses are way too heavy and clunky looking and their field of view is tiny. eMacula® will give me the ability to maintain my active lifestyle, read and see my computer at a normal distance and keep my drivers license. And, all that with comfortable and cool looking glasses. I already wear contact lenses so the eMacula® lenses are an easy switch for me. I can’t wait.

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