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eMACULA has entered the process of regulatory approval, and we expect to receive market clearance by early 2018.
The contact lenses are expected to cost about 20% more than regular disposable contacts. The glasses will cost little more than the price of regular designer spectacles and sunglasses.
Yes. eMacula’s contacts are designed to correct your vision just like regular contact lenses and prescription glasses. The lenses are soft and have ultra-high oxygen transmissibility. Their light-polarizing filter offers the added benefit of cutting glare – a world’s first in this category. Today’s VR headsets and AR goggles can’t provide your personalized vision correction so you are asked to wear your regular contacts or glasses behind and in addition to them. eMacula is an all-in-one solution.
Yes. That is how the system works, and is the key to providing an in-focus digital overlay on your world.
eMacula is a universal VR/MR/AR solution so it is suitable for ALL information and content that you want.
Google Glass was a low-resolution, one-eye, off-angle display with a 15-degree diagonal field of view. Humans have two eyes and 15-degrees is a very small field. Looking off-angle with one eye is just not something you ever do. eMacula is different. The combination of special contact lenses with high-resolution displays can offer 50 to 100 degree fields of view and solves this problem. Allowing you to look through the glasses and benefitting from a full field of view experience. eMacula is engineered to deliver performance and style that goes beyond any other head mounted display available.
Innovega has conducted wearer trials and demonstrated prototypes to the US military. Functioning prototypes are under continuous development at Innovega labs in San Diego. We are now developing a version tailored for consumers.
Other VR headsets and transparent AR goggles create a flat virtual image that is fixed in space and on which the viewer must focus. This isn’t natural, so the wearer attempts to focus on the apparent position of objects on the screen. The result is something that vision scientists call “vergence-accommodation conflict”. You call this “eyestrain and headaches”. The eMacula lenses provide a long depth of focus so the displayed media is always in focus, irrespective of where the eyes are normally converging. So no headaches and no eyestrain. Sorry for the complicated description – but it is complicated. Our solution, however is very elegant.
Yes, the eMacula contact lenses will require a fitting and prescription by an eye care professional. The eMacula display glasses will not. There are many locations today where eye care services and electronic devices are available under the same roof.
No, you can keep wearing the eMacula contact lenses for your regular activities just as you would wear your regular contact lenses or cosmetic contact lenses.
Yes. We offer a range of glasses with different high-resolution display sizes, allowing you to choose between Virtual or Augmented reality. You can enjoy ANY application available from your smartphone, game console or other media device.
Hold your horses for a little while. As per the regulatory process, we must complete our clinical investigation and market clearance. You may sign up and we will keep you informed so you can be first to know when and where eMacula is available.